Build on Sui

The topics in this section provide information and guidance to help you start building on Sui.

Get started

To get started, see Install to learn about prerequisites and steps to install Sui binaries.

After you install Sui, learn how to use the Sui Client CLI. You can use the client to interact with a Sui Full node or your own local network.

Smart contracts

Learn how to Write Smart Contracts with Move, including how to write, build, test, and publish Sui Move packages.

Programming with Objects

Read about Programming with Objects, including the basics, working with objects, immutable objects, object ownership, and more.

Sui Full node

Learn how to set up and run a Sui Full node.

Limits on transactions, objects, and data

Sui has some limits on transactions and data used in transactions, such as a maximum size and number of objects used. To view the full list of limits in source code, see Transaction input limits.

Last update 4/3/2023, 4:57:27 PM