Sui Documentation Updates

This topic lists the significant updates to the Sui documentation site so that you can easily identify new or updated information.

Week ending 05/06/23

Multiple.Updates for Sui Mainnet.

Week ending 04/22/23

Sui Full Node.Updated hardware requirements.

Week ending 03/25/23

Numerous topics.Updates to reflect the changes included in Sui releases .28 and .29.
Sui Local NetworkUpdated installation instructions to include the sui-test-validator, which lets you use a local faucet, wallet, and explorer on your local network.
Connect to a Sui NetworkUpdated the topic to include instructions for connecting to Sui Testnet. Topic title changed from "Connect to Sui Devnet".
Sui Full NodeUpdated to include instructions for using Sui Indexer.
Sui Object Display StandardNew topic about using the Sui Object Display standard.
Sui Programmable Transaction BlocksNew topic about how to use the new Programmable Transaction blocks.
Sui CryptographyNew section of topics about creating signatures for Sui.
Object and Package VersioningNew topic that describes versioning in Sui.
Move.toml FileNew topic about Move manifest files.
Move.lock FileNew topic about Move lock files.
Accessing Time in Sui MoveNew topic that describes how to access time in Sui Move.
Sui Validator NodeNew topic about running a Sui Validator node.
Database SnapshotsNew topic that describes how to use snapshots to restore transaction history for an epoch.

Week ending 03/05/23

Sui Exchange Integration GuideNew topic that describes how to integrate Sui into a cryptocurrency exchange. Merged the Exchange Integration FAQ topic into the new topic.

Week ending 02/23/23

Sponsored TransactionsNew topic for a new feature on Sui.

Week ending 02/03/23

Sui Client CLIUpdated content around sui client publish change where verifying dependencies is now the default and an optional flag allows for skipping the verification.

Week ending 12/25/22

Sui Move by ExampleRelocated this content from to the Explore section of

Week ending 12/17/22

Explore SuiAdded Satoshi Flip apps.
Event APICopyedit and reformat for readability.
Connect to a Sui NetworkCopyedit and updates for style consistency.
MultipleRemoved $ from example commands. Changed style for keyboard key names to use bold instead of code format.

Week ending 12/10/22

Exchange Integration FAQNew topic.
Sui Client CLIAdded the --verify-dependencies flag to Sui client publish.

Week Ending 11/12/22

Run a Sui Full nodeUpdated system requirements for Full node.

Week ending 10/29/22

ReferenceAdded a new Reference top-level node. Moved filed from the Reference section previously in the Build node.
Dynamic FieldsDocs for a new, more flexible, replacement for Child Objects. Note this is an early release, with known limitations.
CollectionsNew docs to accompany the addition of map-like collections to the Sui Framework's Move library, built on top of Dynamic Fields. Note this is an early release, with known limitations.

Week ending 10/22/22

Multiple topicsUpdates related to gateway deprecation.
Sui Client CLIMoved information about creating a local network to a new Sui Local Network topic. General copyedit and updates for changes to Sui.

Week ending 10/15/22

Multiple topicsCopyedits for improved readability and consistency.

Week ending 10/08/22

Explore SuiGeneral copyedits for style, removed some stale images and examples.

Week ending 10/01/22

This topicAdded this topic to provide a persistent record of documentation updates.
Learn About SuiRefactored the topic to provide more specific information about What's new, and replaced the doc update information with this update topic.