Panzerdogs x Sui

Lucky Kat teamed up with Mysten Labs to create a demo showcasing how Sui’s performance will help lead the synergies between gaming and blockchain technologies. In particular, our goal is to highlight how Sui can be used to create a tight feedback loop between on-chain asset ownership and gameplay.

Panzerdogs, developed by Lucky Kat Studios, is an NFT gaming project where users can own their in-game assets and use them to battle against each other in tanks. Brawl Stars x Tanks x Play-To-Earn.

About Lucky Kat Studios

Lucky Kat Studios is an independent game studio located in the Hague, Netherlands. The studio’s mission is to create fun and challenging mobile games that are easily accessible for users of all age. Consisting of a young and driven team of artists, Lucky Kat is specialized in creating pixel art games that aim to make retro the present future.

In the spring of 2015, Lucky Kat Studios was born. Nothing gets the founders more excited seeing pixel art visuals, bringing them back to their childhood memories. From their passion for pixel art games, they wanted to start a gaming company with a philosophy to translate pixel per pixel into fun and challenging mobile games. Since pixel art is low-res the founders believed it’s paramount to work with artists who have an eye for detail. With its current highly talented team, Lucky Kat Studios promises to deliver high quality premium mobile games for users of all age.

"“Sui provides exciting new options for Panzerdogs and blockchain gaming in general. Development on Sui is fast and on point. The ownership programming model is very suited for decentralised gaming and offers security while also avoiding the need of bottlenecks like Proof-of-Work. Not only is its transaction speed impressive, but its ability to echo NFTs and its dynamic handling of on-chain assets can bring new value to users and the assets that they own. Imagine importing all your NFTs into a game, upgrading them into new, usable assets and enhance the gaming experience and the in-game economy. Not only do the NFTs become a part of the gaming experience, but the game also becomes a part of the NFT. Looking forward to seeing how Sui will impact web3 gaming!”


SuiEcho is one of the first open source tools we are building to grow the Sui ecosystem. Specifically, SuiEcho lets owners of existing NFTs port them into Sui and use them to explore new functionality (read more about SuiEcho here).

An exciting feature of the Panzerdogs gameplay is that it lets users port-in their NFTs to be used as avatars within their game. Sui is optimized to deliver high throughput, low latency, and low cost, making an ideal network for running in-game assets that need to move around often, cheaply, and easily. More importantly, Sui’s design enables fully on-chain data storage, implying that in-game customizations and upgrades can be immediately reflected on Sui. These characteristics make Sui an ideal platform for running a game such as Panzerdogs, where the user’s NFTs and gameplay are deeply intertwined.

PanzerdogsSuiEcho Panzerdogs lets users SuiEcho their existing NFTs

How does SuiEcho work?

Beyond optimizing Sui’s performance, one of our goals is to create the tooling that makes Sui accessible and easy to use (read more about our Sui Developer Kit here). In that spirit, we’re in the process of creating a simple SuiEcho white label solution to help users create Sui-based NFTs.

The SuiEcho white label begins by asking users to connect their existing address from other networks. This makes the cross-chain user interface as easy as possible from the user’s perspective.

SuiEcho white-labe The SuiEcho white-label UI connects with existing wallets

The user can then visualize their overall NFT portfolio and choose which to Echo into Sui.

SuiEchoNFTPortfolio And showcases the address’s NFT portfolio

Finally, users prove ownership to the Sui network by providing a signature confirming they indeed hold the private keys to the associated address and include the Sui address where the Sui-based NFT will be minted.

SuiEchoNFTMint Letting the user select an NFT, prove ownership, and SuiEcho it

And that’s it! After following these steps, the user now owns a new Sui-based NFT that was brought into Sui through the SuiEcho white-label solution. To confirm ownership, the user can check the Sui Explorer and read additional information relevant to each NFT.

SuiExplorer Sui NFTs can be viewed in the Sui Explorer

With SuiEcho, users can easily bring in their NFTs to Sui and unlock new functionality. Now users are ready to use their NFTs as avatars within Panzerdogs and explore the many rich synergies between on-chain ownership and gameplay.

PanzerDogsGameplay Users are now free to use their new Sui-based NFTs as avatars in Panzerdogs!

What’s next?

This is just the beginning. Sui is built to deliver NFTs with utility, ensuring their value rises not just out of scarcity but also because users can unlock cool new experiences and functionality with them. For example, in the future we will likely see the Panzerdogs NFTs evolve based on what happens in the game. The Sui platform will be able to fully take advantage of these features by recording the mutations on-chain and ensuring a tight flywheel between gameplay, NFT ownership, and the game’s economy.

Last update 11/14/2022, 11:20:07 PM