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Sui Standards Overview

Standards on the Sui blockchain are features, frameworks, or apps that you can extend or customize.


A central limit order book that offers features and functionality for marketplaces on Sui. Token exchanges leveraging the layer can feature transparency, a full range of trading options, and customer privacy.


Kiosk is a decentralized system for commerce applications on Sui. Kiosk is a part of the Sui framework, native to the system, and available to everyone.

Closed Loop Token

Closed-Loop Token allows its creator to limit applications where the token is used, set up custom policies for transfers, spending and conversions. It is defined in the sui::token module and is a part of the Sui Framework.

Wallet Standard

The Wallet Standard defines how wallets can automatically be discovered and interacted with from dApps.

Sui Object Display

The Sui Object Display standard is a template engine that enables on-chain management of off-chain representation (display) for a type.