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Sui Standards Overview

Standards on the Sui blockchain are features, frameworks, or apps that you can extend or customize.

Closed Loop Token

Using the Closed-Loop Token standard, you can limit the applications that can use the token and set up custom policies for transfers, spends, and conversions. The `sui::token` module in the Sui framework defines the standard.


The Sui Coin standard enables you to create a broad range of fungible tokens on the Sui network to satisfy a number of use cases. The Coin standed on Sui is equivalent to the ERC-20 technical standard on Ethereum.


A central limit order book that offers features and functionality for marketplaces on Sui. Token exchanges leveraging the layer can feature transparency, a full range of trading options, and customer privacy.


Kiosk is a decentralized system for commerce applications on Sui. Kiosk is a part of the Sui framework, native to the system, and available to everyone.

Kiosk Apps

Kiosk apps are a way to extend the functionality of Sui Kiosk while keeping the core functionality intact. You can develop apps to add new features to a kiosk without having to modify the core code or move the assets elsewhere.

Sui Object Display

The Sui Object Display standard is a template engine that enables on-chain management of off-chain representation (display) for a type.

Wallet Standard

The Wallet Standard defines how wallets can automatically be discovered and interacted with from dApps.