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References Overview

Already familiar with Sui? Use these valuable resources to continue your development journey.


Reference the Sui framework and Sui RPC documentation for details of the code that powers the Sui blockchain.

GraphQL for Sui RPC

GraphQL is a public service for the Sui RPC that enables you to efficiently interact with the Sui network.


Use GraphQL for the Sui RPC for new projects. Use the JSON-RPC reference for legacy projects that have not migrated to GraphQL yet.


Move powers smart contract logic for the Sui blockchain. Use these resources to learn Move or refresh your memory.

Sui framework

The Sui framework libraries include Move modules that provide the logic for Sui and its standards. A Rust process creates the documentation for the modules directly from comments in the code.

The Move Book

The Move Book is a comprehensive guide to the Move programming language on the Sui blockchain.

The Move Reference

The Move Reference documents the architecture and syntax of the Move programming language.


Interact directly with Sui networks and its features using the Sui command line interface (CLI). The CLI is divided into separate base commands that target a specific set of features.

Sui Client CLI

Create a client on a Sui network to generate addresses, access networks, and more with the Sui Client CLI.

Sui Client PTB CLI

Build, preview, and execute programmable transaction blocks directly from your terminal with the Sui Client PTB CLI.

Sui Move CLI

Access Sui Move functions on chain using the Sui Move CLI.

Sui software development kits

Official software development kits (SDKs) available for Sui include the TypeScript SDK and Rust SDK.

Sui TypeScript SDK

The Sui TypeScript SDK has its own microsite. Click this box to go there.

Sui Rust SDK

The Sui Rust SDK provides Rust wrappers around the Sui API. Using the SDK, you can interact with Sui networks using the Rust programming language.