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Sui Framework

The documentation in this section is created from the Rust cargo doc process. The process builds the content from comments in the source code.

Framework documentation

The child pages to this topic describe the module members for the following libraries:

Source code

You can find the source code for these Move modules in the crates/sui-framework/packages directory in the sui repository on GitHub. As previously mentioned, the comments included in the code provide context for the logic defined.

Crate documentation

You can review the raw cargo doc output of the following documentation in the sui repository. The .md files are located in the crates/sui-framework/docs directory. Online, they are located at

Build documentation locally

The most recent documentation is always available in the main branch of the sui repository. You shouldn't need to build the documentation locally, but if the need arises you can:

  1. Open a terminal or console to the sui/crates/sui-framework directory.
  2. Run cargo doc --workspace --exclude "sui-benchmark" --no-deps.
  3. The docs are built to crates/sui-framework/docs into their respective subdirectories.

If the cargo doc process does not work as expected, try running cargo clean before attempting again.