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Sui Concepts Overview

Sui is different than other blockchains. The concepts explored in this section provide a background to the Sui blockchain and web3 in general.


Move overview

Move is an open source language for writing safe packages to manipulate on-chain objects

Package upgrades

Sui provides a method of upgrading your packages while still retaining their immutable properties.


Object Model

Everything on the Sui blockchain is an object, with metadata, type of ownership, and a referencing scheme.

Dynamic Fields

Dynamic fields and dynamic object fields on Sui are added and removed dynamically, affect gas only when accessed, and store heterogeneous values.

Transfer to Object

On Sui, you can transfer objects to objects in the same way you can transfer objects to addresses.



zkLogin is a Sui primitive that enables you to send transactions from a Sui address using an OAuth credential, without publicly linking the two.

Transaction authentication

Transaction security is arguably the most important feature of a blockchain. Sui provides multiple features to secure your transactions, whether on chain or off.


SUI token

The native asset on Sui is called SUI. The coin uses the capitalized version of SUI to distinguish the coin from the Sui network.

Gas in Sui

A Sui transaction must pay for both the computational cost of execution and the long-term cost of storing the objects a transaction creates or mutates.

Storage fund

Sui includes an efficient and sustainable economic mechanism for financing data storage, which is important given the ability of Sui to store arbitrarily large amounts of on-chain data.