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App Developers

The topics in this section explore some of the concepts that are of interest to developers creating smart contracts on Sui. After becoming familiar with these concepts, be sure to check out the Guides section for instruction on how to implement these concepts in your own code.

GraphQL for Sui RPC

Basics of the GraphQL service to interact with the Sui network.

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Object Model

The basic unit of storage in Sui is the object. In contrast to many other blockchains where storage is centered around accounts containing key-value stores, Sui's storage is centered around objects addressable on-chain by unique IDs. The topics in this section examine the model for objects on Sui.

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Move Overview

Move is an open source language for writing safe packages to manipulate on-chain objects (sometimes referred to as "smart contracts"). Move is a platform-agnostic language to enable common libraries, tooling, and developer communities across blockchains with vastly different data and execution models. Move is adaptable to meet the needs of the blockchain the code operates on, see Move on Sui to review enhancements made to Move for optimization on the Sui blockchain.

The topics in this section describe some of the key features and coding patterns of Move applied to the Sui network.

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Transactions define the history of activity on a blockchain. On Sui, you can develop complex programmable transaction blocks that perform several transaction commands in a single execution. You can also sponsor transactions for your smart contract users to streamline onboarding. The topics in this section explore transactions on Sui at a conceptual level.

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