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Contributing to Sui

This page describes how to add to Sui. If you merely need to get the Sui binaries, follow Install Sui.

Find answers to common questions in our FAQ. Read other sub-pages in this section for ways to contribute to Sui.

See our roadmap

Sui is evolving quickly. See our roadmap for the overall status of Sui, including timelines for launching devnet, testnet, and mainnet.

Join the community

To connect with the Sui community, join our Discord.

File issues

Report bugs and make feature requests in the Sui GitHub repository using the Template for Reporting Issues.

Provide docs feedback

Send ideas to: [email protected]

And file documentation fixes or requests for improvement at:

Select the Sui Doc Bug template, adjust fields, and describe the issue.

You may also make changes to the docs directly in GitHub right here using the Source Code link below.

Important: Make sure you are in the main rather than devnet branch in the URL.

Simply edit the file in question and generate a pull request. We will get back to you shortly.

Download Sui

In order to obtain the Sui source code, follow the steps to download (git clone) the sui repository at Install Sui.

Tip: The install docs recommend use of the devnet branch as the last stable release. To instead contribute changes to Sui, use the main branch.

And see the Rust Crates in use at:

Send pull requests

Start by creating your own fork of the repo:

$ gh repo fork # or alternatively, clone your fork
cargo install --path sui/sui # put Sui CLI's in your PATH
cd sui
cargo build --all --all-targets # check that build works
cargo test # check that tests pass

To submit your pull request:

  1. Make your changes in a descriptively named branch.
  2. If you have added code that should be tested, add unit tests.
  3. Ensure your code builds and passes the tests: cargo test
  4. Make sure your code passes the linters and autoformatter: cargo clippy --all --all-targets && cargo fmt --all
  5. If you have made changes to APIs, update the relevant documentation, and build and test the developer site.
  6. Run git push -f origin <branch_name>, then open a pull request from the Sui GitHub site.

Further reading

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