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Find answers to common questions about our roadmap and more in our FAQ.

Sui applications

Sui Capys - Sui Capys demonstrates the capabilities of Sui with cute, fun capybaras you can collect, breed, and adorn with your favorite items.

Satoshi Flip - Satoshi Flip is the first Sui application with fair and transparent random selection output, using a Sui epoch-locked Satoshi-Dice variant.


View the Tic Tac Toe tutorial to learn how to create a Tic Tac Toe game on Sui.

Sui examples

View example Sui projects that help you learn how to work with Sui.

App examples

View the code for Sui Wallet or Sui Explorer for examples of web apps that interact with Sui using the Typescript SDK.

Sui prototypes

To learn about how the implementation details for the Sui Monstar example prototype, see Sui Prototypes.

To view the example prototypes, see: Panzerdogs x Sui - an example of how the Sui infrastructure delivers a more integrated feedback loop between gameplay and NFT ownership.

SoWork x Sui - building features on Sui to power creative employee rewards and custom NFT mints via SoWork's mapmaker.
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