Exploring Sui

Now that you've learned about Sui and started building it, use the contents of this section to delve into Sui more deeply.

Find answers to common questions about our roadmap and more in our FAQ.

DevNet and Testnet

Experiment with:

  • Sui DevNet - to gain operational experience with the Sui software in a public setting
  • Sui Incentivized Testnet - will feature a menu of incentives to encourage and reward meaningful participation during the Testnet waves


Taking an end-to-end tutorial from starting a Sui network locally to publishing a TicTacToe game on Sui and playing it.


Try out examples supplied by the Sui team to help you understand how objects are structured and manipulated.


View projects built by third parties demonstrating the power of Sui.

Prototypes - pre-alpha game prototypes that showcase the power of NFTs on Sui:

Panzerdogs x Sui - an example of how the Sui infrastructure delivers a more integrated feedback loop between gameplay and NFT ownership.

SoWork x Sui - building features on Sui to power creative employee rewards and custom NFT mints via SoWork's mapmaker.

Sui Explorer

Navigate the Sui Explorer to see the latest transactions and objects. Read the Sui Explorer README for instructions on how to run the Explorer locally. https://explorer.devnet.sui.io/

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