Sui Wallet

This topic describes how to install and use the Sui Wallet Browser Extension. You can use the Sui Wallet to create an address and complete transactions, mint NFTs, view and manage assets on the Sui network, and connect with blockchain dApps on Web3.

The early versions of the Sui Wallet let you experiment with the Sui network for testing. The Sui network is still in development, and the tokens have no real value. Accounts reset with each deployment of a new version of the network. View the devnet-updates channel in Discord for updates about the network.

To test more advanced features not available in Sui Wallet, see Sui CLI client.

Sui Wallet features

You can use the Sui Wallet to:

  • Mint NFTs
  • Transfer coins and NFTs to another address
  • View your coins, tokens, and NFTs
  • View recent transactions
  • Auto split/merge coins to the exact transfer amount
  • Easily access transaction history in the Sui Explorer

Note that in the current release, the wallet includes buttons to Buy, Swap, and Stake & Earn SUI. These are placeholders for functionality included in future versions of the Sui Wallet.

Install the Sui Wallet Chrome Browser Extension

To use the Sui Wallet you must install a Chrome browser extension. You can use the extension with any browser that supports Chrome extensions from the Google Chrome Store.

  1. Open the Sui Wallet page on the Google Chrome Store.
  2. Click Add to Chrome.
  3. Acknowledge the message about permissions for the extension, and then click Add Extension.

Create a new wallet

If you don't yet have a Sui Wallet, create a new one. To import an existing wallet, see Import an existing Sui Wallet.

  1. Open the Sui Wallet extension in your browser and then click Get Started.
  2. Click Create new wallet.
  3. Click the checkbox to accept the Terms of Service.
  4. Click Create Wallet Now.
  5. Copy the Recovery passphrase and store it in a safe location.
  6. Click Done.

If you lose access to your wallet, you can recover it only with the recovery passphrase. If you lose the passphrase, you lose access to your wallet and any coins or NFTs stored in it.

Import an existing Sui Wallet

You can use your Sui Wallet on multiple devices and browsers. After you create a Sui Wallet, use the 12-word recovery passphrase to import your wallet to a new browser or device.

  1. Open the Sui Wallet extension in your browser and then click Get Started.
  2. Click Import a wallet.
  3. Enter your 12-word recovery passphrase, and then click Import Wallet Now.

Add Sui tokens to your Sui Wallet

When you first open the wallet you have no coins in it. You can add tokens to your wallet through Discord. You need an active Discord account to access the Sui channels.

  1. Click Coins.
  2. Click the small clipboard icon next to your address to copy it.

It's near the top of the wallet and starts with 0x.

  1. Open the Sui devnet-faucet channel in Discord.
  2. Use the !faucet command with your wallet address to request tokens: !faucet 0x6c04ed5110554acf59ff1b535129548dd9a0c741 Replace the address in the command with your wallet address.

The channel bot displays a message that "5 test SUI objects are heading to your wallet". You can then see 250,000 SUI tokens in your wallet, nice!

View your account balance

To view your account balance, click Coins. The wallet shows your SUI balance and lists the other coins in your wallet, if any.

Send coins

You can send coins from your wallet to another address.

  1. Open the Sui Wallet extension in your browser.
  2. Click Coins and then click Send.
  3. In the Amount field, enter the number of SUI tokens to send, and then click Continue.
  4. Enter the recipient's address, then click Send Coins Now.

View recent transaction details

The wallet displays the recent transactions to and from your wallet on the Activity tab. Click on any transaction to view transaction details.

View all transactions in Sui Explorer

You can view all transactions for your address in Sui Explorer.

To view all of the transactions for your address, click Apps and then click View account on Sui Explorer.

Sui Explorer opens with the details for your wallet address displayed.

Mint an NFT

You can mint your own NFTs directly from the Sui Wallet.

Click Apps, then click Mint NFT. In the current version you can mint only example NFTs.

View your NFTs

Click the NFTs tab to view all of the NFTS that you mint, purchase, or receive in your wallet. This includes any NFTs that you obtain from connected apps. Click on an NFT to view additional details about it, view a larger NFT image, or send the NFT to another address.

Send an NFT

You can use Sui Wallet to send an NFT to another address.

  1. Click NFTs.
  2. Click on the NFT to send, and then click Send NFT.
  3. Enter the recipient address then click Send NFT Now.
  4. Click Done to return to the wallet.

Wallet Playground

You can view and try out some apps that already support the Sui Wallet from the Playground on the Apps tab. The apps displayed let you connect your Sui Wallet and use SUI tokens to interact with them, perform transactions, and obtain NFTs that go directly to your connected wallet.

Click on an app to open the site for the app. Follow the guidance on the site to connect your wallet. After you connect your wallet to an app you can view the app on the Active Connections view.

View connected apps

To view the apps with active connections to your wallet, click Apps. By default, the Playground view displays. Click Active Connections to view the connected apps.

To open the site associated with the app, click on the app and then click View.

Disconnect from an app

You can easily disconnect your wallet from a connected app.

  1. Click Apps and then click Active Connections.
  2. Click the app to disconnect from your wallet, then click Disconnect.

Your wallet immediately disconnects from the app and returns to the Apps tab.

Last update 9/26/2022, 5:14:29 PM