Learn about Sui

Sui (swē) is the water element in Japanese philosophy. The power of the sui element lies in its fluidity---its ability to easily adapt to and transform any environment. Similarly, the Sui platform seeks to provide a flexible network that you can leverage to shape the web3 landscape.

The Sui platform is built on Sui Move, which is derived from the core Move programming language. This documentation assumes that you have a basic working knowledge of Move. To learn more about the differences between core Move and Sui Move, see How Sui Move differs from core Move.

For a deep dive into Sui technology, see the Sui Smart Contracts Platform white paper. Find answers to common questions about our roadmap and more in our FAQ.

Versions of the documentation

This site is available in two versions. You can choose which version to view using the drop-down menu at top left.

  • Devnet reflects the stable devnet branch of the repo. Use the Devnet version of the docs if you build or test with the devnet branch of the repo.
  • Latest build reflects the main branch of the repo. The main branch includes the most recent updates we've made to the documentation. The main branch includes updates not yet merged into the devnet branch.

When Sui releases a new feature, or change to an existing feature, to the devnet branch, the documentation in the Devnet version may not reflect the associated updates for a few days after the release. You can see the associated updates in the Latest build version in the interim.

Sui releases

Check for the latest release of Sui, including Release Notes, on the Sui Releases page.

Doc updates

We list changes and updates to the documentation in the Sui documentation updates topic.

See the docs-related commit history in the Sui repo.

Code changes

For a complete view of all changes in the Sui devnet branch, see: https://github.com/MystenLabs/sui/commits/devnet

For updates in the main branch, see: https://github.com/MystenLabs/sui/commits/main

Write Smart Contracts with Move

Go to the Move Quick Start for information about installation, defining custom objects, object operations (create/destroy/update/transfer/freeze), publishing, and invoking your published code.

Start the Sui network with Sui CLI client

See the Sui CLI client Quick Start for information about installation, querying the chain, client setup, sending transfer transactions, and viewing the effects.

Take the end-to-end tutorial

Proceed to the Sui Tutorial for a summary view of setting up your environment, starting a Sui network, gathering accounts and gas, and publishing and playing a game in Sui.

Program with Objects

Finish with the detailed Programming with objects tutorial series offering detailed guidance on manipulating Sui objects, from creation and storage through wrapping and using child objects.

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