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Interface implemented by on-chain values that are addressable by an ID (also referred to as its address). This includes Move objects and packages.

interface IObject {
version: Int!
status: ObjectKind!
digest: String
owner: ObjectOwner
previousTransactionBlock: TransactionBlock
storageRebate: BigInt
first: Int
after: String
last: Int
before: String
filter: TransactionBlockFilter
): TransactionBlockConnection!
bcs: Base64


IObject.version ● Int! non-null scalar

IObject.status ● ObjectKind! non-null enum

The current status of the object as read from the off-chain store. The possible states are: NOT_INDEXED, the object is loaded from serialized data, such as the contents of a genesis or system package upgrade transaction. LIVE, the version returned is the most recent for the object, and it is not deleted or wrapped at that version. HISTORICAL, the object was referenced at a specific version or checkpoint, so is fetched from historical tables and may not be the latest version of the object. WRAPPED_OR_DELETED, the object is deleted or wrapped and only partial information can be loaded.

IObject.digest ● String scalar

32-byte hash that identifies the object's current contents, encoded as a Base58 string.

IObject.owner ● ObjectOwner union

The owner type of this object: Immutable, Shared, Parent, Address Immutable and Shared Objects do not have owners.

IObject.previousTransactionBlock ● TransactionBlock object

The transaction block that created this version of the object.

IObject.storageRebate ● BigInt scalar

IObject.receivedTransactionBlocks ● TransactionBlockConnection! non-null object

The transaction blocks that sent objects to this object.

IObject.receivedTransactionBlocks.first ● Int scalar
IObject.receivedTransactionBlocks.after ● String scalar
IObject.receivedTransactionBlocks.last ● Int scalar
IObject.receivedTransactionBlocks.before ● String scalar
IObject.receivedTransactionBlocks.filter ● TransactionBlockFilter input

IObject.bcs ● Base64 scalar

The Base64-encoded BCS serialization of the object's content.

Implemented By

Coin object ● CoinMetadata object ● MoveObject object ● MovePackage object ● Object object ● StakedSui object ● SuinsRegistration object