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System transaction that supersedes ChangeEpochTransaction as the new way to run transactions at the end of an epoch. Behaves similarly to ChangeEpochTransaction but can accommodate other optional transactions to run at the end of the epoch.

type EndOfEpochTransaction {
first: Int
before: String
last: Int
after: String
): EndOfEpochTransactionKindConnection!


EndOfEpochTransaction.transactions ● EndOfEpochTransactionKindConnection! non-null object

The list of system transactions that are allowed to run at the end of the epoch.

EndOfEpochTransaction.transactions.first ● Int scalar
EndOfEpochTransaction.transactions.before ● String scalar
EndOfEpochTransaction.transactions.last ● Int scalar
EndOfEpochTransaction.transactions.after ● String scalar

Implemented By

TransactionBlockKind union