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Configuration for this transaction's gas price and the coins used to pay for gas.

type GasInput {
gasSponsor: Address
first: Int
after: String
last: Int
before: String
): ObjectConnection!
gasPrice: BigInt
gasBudget: BigInt


GasInput.gasSponsor ● Address object

Address of the owner of the gas object(s) used

GasInput.gasPayment ● ObjectConnection! non-null object

Objects used to pay for a transaction's execution and storage

GasInput.gasPayment.first ● Int scalar
GasInput.gasPayment.after ● String scalar
GasInput.gasPayment.last ● Int scalar
GasInput.gasPayment.before ● String scalar

GasInput.gasPrice ● BigInt scalar

An unsigned integer specifying the number of native tokens per gas unit this transaction will pay (in MIST).

GasInput.gasBudget ● BigInt scalar

The maximum number of gas units that can be expended by executing this transaction

Member Of

TransactionBlock object