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type MoveValue {
type: MoveType!
bcs: Base64!
data: MoveData!
json: JSON!


MoveValue.type ● MoveType! non-null object

The value's Move type.

MoveValue.bcs ● Base64! non-null scalar

The BCS representation of this value, Base64 encoded. ● MoveData! non-null scalar

Structured contents of a Move value.

MoveValue.json ● JSON! non-null scalar

Representation of a Move value in JSON, where:

  • Addresses, IDs, and UIDs are represented in canonical form, as JSON strings.
  • Bools are represented by JSON boolean literals.
  • u8, u16, and u32 are represented as JSON numbers.
  • u64, u128, and u256 are represented as JSON strings.
  • Vectors are represented by JSON arrays.
  • Structs are represented by JSON objects.
  • Empty optional values are represented by null.

This form is offered as a less verbose convenience in cases where the layout of the type is known by the client.

Member Of

Coin object ● CoinMetadata object ● DynamicField object ● IMoveObject interface ● MoveObject object ● StakedSui object ● SuinsRegistration object

Implemented By

DynamicFieldValue union