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Contribute to Sui Repositories

This page describes how to contribute to Sui, and provides additional information about participating in the Sui community.

Join the community

To connect with the Sui community, join our Discord.

Open issues

To report an issue with Sui, create an issue in the GitHub repo. Click Get started to open a template for the type of issue to create.

Fork Sui to contribute

To contribute to Sui source code or documentation, you need only a GitHub account. You can commit updates and then submit a PR directly from the Github website, or create a fork of the repo to your local environment and use your favorite tools to make changes. Always submit PRs to the main branch.

See Sui Environment Setup for instructions on forking the Sui repository, if necessary.

Contribute via the Sui Improvement Proposal (SIP) process

The Sui Network is an open-source, decentralized, and permissionless protocol that welcomes community contributions. If you have an idea regarding a core protocol upgrade, the best way to make your voice heard is via submitting a Sui Improvement Proposal (SIP). For more information on SIPs, see Contribute to Sui through SIPs.