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Execute a transaction, committing its effects on chain.

  • txBytes is a TransactionData struct that has been BCS-encoded and then Base64-encoded.
  • signatures are a list of flag || signature || pubkey bytes, Base64-encoded.

Waits until the transaction has reached finality on chain to return its transaction digest, or returns the error that prevented finality if that was not possible. A transaction is final when its effects are guaranteed on chain (it cannot be revoked).

There may be a delay between transaction finality and when GraphQL requests (including the request that issued the transaction) reflect its effects. As a result, queries that depend on indexing the state of the chain (e.g. contents of output objects, address-level balance information at the time of the transaction), must wait for indexing to catch up by polling for the transaction digest using Query.transactionBlock.

txBytes: String!
signatures: [String!]!
): ExecutionResult!


executeTransactionBlock.txBytes ● String! non-null scalar

executeTransactionBlock.signatures ● [String!]! non-null scalar


ExecutionResult object

The result of an execution, including errors that occurred during said execution.