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Module 0x3::storage_fund

use 0x2::balance;
use 0x2::sui;

Struct StorageFund

Struct representing the storage fund, containing two Balances:

  • total_object_storage_rebates has the invariant that it's the sum of storage_rebate of all objects currently stored on-chain. To maintain this invariant, the only inflow of this balance is storage charges collected from transactions, and the only outflow is storage rebates of transactions, including both the portion refunded to the transaction senders as well as the non-refundable portion taken out and put into non_refundable_balance.
  • non_refundable_balance contains any remaining inflow of the storage fund that should not be taken out of the fund.
struct StorageFund has store
total_object_storage_rebates: balance::Balance<sui::SUI>
non_refundable_balance: balance::Balance<sui::SUI>

Function new

Called by sui_system at genesis time.

public(friend) fun new(initial_fund: balance::Balance<sui::SUI>): storage_fund::StorageFund
public(package) fun new(initial_fund: Balance<SUI>) : StorageFund {
    StorageFund {
        // At the beginning there's no object in the storage yet
        total_object_storage_rebates: balance::zero(),
        non_refundable_balance: initial_fund,

Function advance_epoch

Called by sui_system at epoch change times to process the inflows and outflows of storage fund.

public(friend) fun advance_epoch(self: &mut storage_fund::StorageFund, storage_charges: balance::Balance<sui::SUI>, storage_fund_reinvestment: balance::Balance<sui::SUI>, leftover_staking_rewards: balance::Balance<sui::SUI>, storage_rebate_amount: u64, non_refundable_storage_fee_amount: u64): balance::Balance<sui::SUI>
public(package) fun advance_epoch(
    self: &mut StorageFund,
    storage_charges: Balance<SUI>,
    storage_fund_reinvestment: Balance<SUI>,
    leftover_staking_rewards: Balance<SUI>,
    storage_rebate_amount: u64,
    non_refundable_storage_fee_amount: u64,
) : Balance<SUI> {
    // Both the reinvestment and leftover rewards are not to be refunded so they go to the non-refundable balance.

    // The storage charges for the epoch come from the storage rebate of the new objects created
    // and the new storage rebates of the objects modified during the epoch so we put the charges
    // into `total_object_storage_rebates`.

    // Split out the non-refundable portion of the storage rebate and put it into the non-refundable balance.
    let non_refundable_storage_fee = self.total_object_storage_rebates.split(non_refundable_storage_fee_amount);

    // `storage_rebates` include the already refunded rebates of deleted objects and old rebates of modified objects and
    // should be taken out of the `total_object_storage_rebates`.
    let storage_rebate = self.total_object_storage_rebates.split(storage_rebate_amount);

    // The storage rebate has already been returned to individual transaction senders' gas coins
    // so we return the balance to be burnt at the very end of epoch change.

Function total_object_storage_rebates

public fun total_object_storage_rebates(self: &storage_fund::StorageFund): u64
public fun total_object_storage_rebates(self: &StorageFund): u64 {

Function total_balance

public fun total_balance(self: &storage_fund::StorageFund): u64
public fun total_balance(self: &StorageFund): u64 {
    self.total_object_storage_rebates.value() + self.non_refundable_balance.value()