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A single transaction, or command, in the programmable transaction block.

union ProgrammableTransaction = MoveCallTransaction | TransferObjectsTransaction | SplitCoinsTransaction | MergeCoinsTransaction | PublishTransaction | UpgradeTransaction | MakeMoveVecTransaction

Possible types

ProgrammableTransaction.MoveCallTransaction object

A call to either an entry or a public Move function.

ProgrammableTransaction.TransferObjectsTransaction object

Transfers inputs to address. All inputs must have the store ability (allows public transfer) and must not be previously immutable or shared.

ProgrammableTransaction.SplitCoinsTransaction object

Splits off coins with denominations in amounts from coin, returning multiple results (as many as there are amounts.)

ProgrammableTransaction.MergeCoinsTransaction object

Merges coins into the first coin (produces no results).

ProgrammableTransaction.PublishTransaction object

Publishes a Move Package.

ProgrammableTransaction.UpgradeTransaction object

Upgrades a Move Package.

ProgrammableTransaction.MakeMoveVecTransaction object

Create a vector (possibly empty).

Member Of

ProgrammableTransactionConnection object ● ProgrammableTransactionEdge object