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Upgrades a Move Package.

type UpgradeTransaction {
modules: [Base64!]!
dependencies: [SuiAddress!]!
currentPackage: SuiAddress!
upgradeTicket: TransactionArgument!


UpgradeTransaction.modules ● [Base64!]! non-null scalar

Bytecode for the modules to be published, BCS serialized and Base64 encoded.

UpgradeTransaction.dependencies ● [SuiAddress!]! non-null scalar

IDs of the transitive dependencies of the package to be published.

UpgradeTransaction.currentPackage ● SuiAddress! non-null scalar

ID of the package being upgraded.

UpgradeTransaction.upgradeTicket ● TransactionArgument! non-null union

The UpgradeTicket authorizing the upgrade.

Implemented By

ProgrammableTransaction union