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type Validator {
address: Address!
credentials: ValidatorCredentials
nextEpochCredentials: ValidatorCredentials
name: String
description: String
imageUrl: String
projectUrl: String
operationCap: MoveObject
stakingPool: MoveObject
exchangeRates: MoveObject
exchangeRatesSize: Int
stakingPoolActivationEpoch: Int
stakingPoolSuiBalance: BigInt
rewardsPool: BigInt
poolTokenBalance: BigInt
pendingStake: BigInt
pendingTotalSuiWithdraw: BigInt
pendingPoolTokenWithdraw: BigInt
votingPower: Int
gasPrice: BigInt
commissionRate: Int
nextEpochStake: BigInt
nextEpochGasPrice: BigInt
nextEpochCommissionRate: Int
atRisk: Int
first: Int
before: String
last: Int
after: String
): AddressConnection!
apy: Int


Validator.address ● Address! non-null object

The validator's address.

Validator.credentials ● ValidatorCredentials object

Validator's set of credentials such as public keys, network addresses and others.

Validator.nextEpochCredentials ● ValidatorCredentials object

Validator's set of credentials for the next epoch. ● String scalar

Validator's name.

Validator.description ● String scalar

Validator's description.

Validator.imageUrl ● String scalar

Validator's url containing their custom image.

Validator.projectUrl ● String scalar

Validator's homepage URL.

Validator.operationCap ● MoveObject object

The validator's current valid Cap object. Validators can delegate the operation ability to another address. The address holding this Cap object can then update the reference gas price and tallying rule on behalf of the validator.

Validator.stakingPool ● MoveObject object

The validator's current staking pool object, used to track the amount of stake and to compound staking rewards.

Validator.exchangeRates ● MoveObject object

The validator's current exchange object. The exchange rate is used to determine the amount of SUI tokens that each past SUI staker can withdraw in the future.

Validator.exchangeRatesSize ● Int scalar

Number of exchange rates in the table.

Validator.stakingPoolActivationEpoch ● Int scalar

The epoch at which this pool became active.

Validator.stakingPoolSuiBalance ● BigInt scalar

The total number of SUI tokens in this pool.

Validator.rewardsPool ● BigInt scalar

The epoch stake rewards will be added here at the end of each epoch.

Validator.poolTokenBalance ● BigInt scalar

Total number of pool tokens issued by the pool.

Validator.pendingStake ● BigInt scalar

Pending stake amount for this epoch.

Validator.pendingTotalSuiWithdraw ● BigInt scalar

Pending stake withdrawn during the current epoch, emptied at epoch boundaries.

Validator.pendingPoolTokenWithdraw ● BigInt scalar

Pending pool token withdrawn during the current epoch, emptied at epoch boundaries.

Validator.votingPower ● Int scalar

The voting power of this validator in basis points (e.g., 100 = 1% voting power).

Validator.gasPrice ● BigInt scalar

The reference gas price for this epoch.

Validator.commissionRate ● Int scalar

The fee charged by the validator for staking services.

Validator.nextEpochStake ● BigInt scalar

The total number of SUI tokens in this pool plus the pending stake amount for this epoch.

Validator.nextEpochGasPrice ● BigInt scalar

The validator's gas price quote for the next epoch.

Validator.nextEpochCommissionRate ● Int scalar

The proposed next epoch fee for the validator's staking services.

Validator.atRisk ● Int scalar

The number of epochs for which this validator has been below the low stake threshold.

Validator.reportRecords ● AddressConnection! non-null object

The addresses of other validators this validator has reported.

Validator.reportRecords.first ● Int scalar
Validator.reportRecords.before ● String scalar
Validator.reportRecords.last ● Int scalar
Validator.reportRecords.after ● String scalar

Validator.apy ● Int scalar

The APY of this validator in basis points. To get the APY in percentage, divide by 100.

Member Of

ValidatorConnection object ● ValidatorEdge object