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Represents concrete types (no type parameters, no references).

type MoveType {
repr: String!
signature: MoveTypeSignature!
layout: MoveTypeLayout!
abilities: [MoveAbility!]!


MoveType.repr ● String! non-null scalar

Flat representation of the type signature, as a displayable string.

MoveType.signature ● MoveTypeSignature! non-null scalar

Structured representation of the type signature.

MoveType.layout ● MoveTypeLayout! non-null scalar

Structured representation of the "shape" of values that match this type.

MoveType.abilities ● [MoveAbility!]! non-null enum

The abilities this concrete type has.

Returned By

type query

Member Of

Balance object ● BalanceChange object ● DryRunMutation object ● DryRunReturn object ● Event object ● MakeMoveVecTransaction object ● MoveCallTransaction object ● MoveValue object