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Breakdown of gas costs in effects.

type GasCostSummary {
computationCost: BigInt
storageCost: BigInt
storageRebate: BigInt
nonRefundableStorageFee: BigInt


GasCostSummary.computationCost ● BigInt scalar

Gas paid for executing this transaction (in MIST).

GasCostSummary.storageCost ● BigInt scalar

Gas paid for the data stored on-chain by this transaction (in MIST).

GasCostSummary.storageRebate ● BigInt scalar

Part of storage cost that can be reclaimed by cleaning up data created by this transaction (when objects are deleted or an object is modified, which is treated as a deletion followed by a creation) (in MIST).

GasCostSummary.nonRefundableStorageFee ● BigInt scalar

Part of storage cost that is not reclaimed when data created by this transaction is cleaned up (in MIST).

Member Of

Checkpoint object ● GasEffects object ● SafeMode object