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type TransactionBlock {
digest: String
sender: Address
gasInput: GasInput
kind: TransactionBlockKind
signatures: [Base64!]
effects: TransactionBlockEffects
expiration: Epoch
bcs: Base64


TransactionBlock.digest ● String scalar

A 32-byte hash that uniquely identifies the transaction block contents, encoded in Base58. This serves as a unique id for the block on chain.

TransactionBlock.sender ● Address object

The address corresponding to the public key that signed this transaction. System transactions do not have senders.

TransactionBlock.gasInput ● GasInput object

The gas input field provides information on what objects were used as gas as well as the owner of the gas object(s) and information on the gas price and budget.

If the owner of the gas object(s) is not the same as the sender, the transaction block is a sponsored transaction block.

TransactionBlock.kind ● TransactionBlockKind union

The type of this transaction as well as the commands and/or parameters comprising the transaction of this kind.

TransactionBlock.signatures ● [Base64!] list scalar

A list of all signatures, Base64-encoded, from senders, and potentially the gas owner if this is a sponsored transaction.

TransactionBlock.effects ● TransactionBlockEffects object

The effects field captures the results to the chain of executing this transaction.

TransactionBlock.expiration ● Epoch object

This field is set by senders of a transaction block. It is an epoch reference that sets a deadline after which validators will no longer consider the transaction valid. By default, there is no deadline for when a transaction must execute.

TransactionBlock.bcs ● Base64 scalar

Serialized form of this transaction's SenderSignedData, BCS serialized and Base64 encoded.

Returned By

transactionBlock query

Member Of

Coin object ● CoinMetadata object ● DependencyConnection object ● DependencyEdge object ● DryRunResult object ● IObject interface ● MoveObject object ● MovePackage object ● Object object ● StakedSui object ● SuinsRegistration object ● TransactionBlockConnection object ● TransactionBlockEdge object ● TransactionBlockEffects object