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Representation of 0x3::validator_set::ValidatorSet.

type ValidatorSet {
totalStake: BigInt
pendingRemovals: [Int!]
pendingActiveValidatorsId: SuiAddress
pendingActiveValidatorsSize: Int
stakingPoolMappingsId: SuiAddress
stakingPoolMappingsSize: Int
inactivePoolsId: SuiAddress
inactivePoolsSize: Int
validatorCandidatesId: SuiAddress
validatorCandidatesSize: Int
first: Int
before: String
last: Int
after: String
): ValidatorConnection!


ValidatorSet.totalStake ● BigInt scalar

Total amount of stake for all active validators at the beginning of the epoch.

ValidatorSet.pendingRemovals ● [Int!] list scalar

Validators that are pending removal from the active validator set, expressed as indices in to activeValidators.

ValidatorSet.pendingActiveValidatorsId ● SuiAddress scalar

Object ID of the wrapped object TableVec storing the pending active validators.

ValidatorSet.pendingActiveValidatorsSize ● Int scalar

Size of the pending active validators table.

ValidatorSet.stakingPoolMappingsId ● SuiAddress scalar

Object ID of the Table storing the mapping from staking pool ids to the addresses of the corresponding validators. This is needed because a validator's address can potentially change but the object ID of its pool will not.

ValidatorSet.stakingPoolMappingsSize ● Int scalar

Size of the stake pool mappings Table.

ValidatorSet.inactivePoolsId ● SuiAddress scalar

Object ID of the Table storing the inactive staking pools.

ValidatorSet.inactivePoolsSize ● Int scalar

Size of the inactive pools Table.

ValidatorSet.validatorCandidatesId ● SuiAddress scalar

Object ID of the Table storing the validator candidates.

ValidatorSet.validatorCandidatesSize ● Int scalar

Size of the validator candidates Table.

ValidatorSet.activeValidators ● ValidatorConnection! non-null object

The current set of active validators.

ValidatorSet.activeValidators.first ● Int scalar
ValidatorSet.activeValidators.before ● String scalar
ValidatorSet.activeValidators.last ● Int scalar
ValidatorSet.activeValidators.after ● String scalar

Member Of

Epoch object