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Dynamic fields are heterogeneous fields that can be added or removed at runtime, and can have arbitrary user-assigned names. There are two sub-types of dynamic fields:

  1. Dynamic Fields can store any value that has the store ability, however an object stored in this kind of field will be considered wrapped and will not be accessible directly via its ID by external tools (explorers, wallets, etc) accessing storage.
  2. Dynamic Object Fields values must be Sui objects (have the key and store abilities, and id: UID as the first field), but will still be directly accessible off-chain via their object ID after being attached.
type DynamicField {
name: MoveValue
value: DynamicFieldValue

Fields ● MoveValue object

The string type, data, and serialized value of the DynamicField's 'name' field. This field is used to uniquely identify a child of the parent object.

DynamicField.value ● DynamicFieldValue union

The actual data stored in the dynamic field. The returned dynamic field is an object if its return type is MoveObject, in which case it is also accessible off-chain via its address.

Member Of

Coin object ● CoinMetadata object ● DynamicFieldConnection object ● DynamicFieldEdge object ● IMoveObject interface ● MoveObject object ● Object object ● Owner object ● StakedSui object ● SuinsRegistration object