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Represents a module in Move, a library that defines struct types and functions that operate on these types.

type MoveModule {
package: MovePackage!
name: String!
fileFormatVersion: Int!
first: Int
after: String
last: Int
before: String
): MoveModuleConnection!
name: String!
): MoveStruct
first: Int
after: String
last: Int
before: String
): MoveStructConnection
name: String!
): MoveFunction
first: Int
after: String
last: Int
before: String
): MoveFunctionConnection
bytes: Base64
disassembly: String


MoveModule.package ● MovePackage! non-null object

The package that this Move module was defined in ● String! non-null scalar

The module's (unqualified) name.

MoveModule.fileFormatVersion ● Int! non-null scalar

Format version of this module's bytecode.

MoveModule.friends ● MoveModuleConnection! non-null object

Modules that this module considers friends (these modules can access public(friend) functions from this module).

MoveModule.friends.first ● Int scalar
MoveModule.friends.after ● String scalar
MoveModule.friends.last ● Int scalar
MoveModule.friends.before ● String scalar

MoveModule.struct ● MoveStruct object

Look-up the definition of a struct defined in this module, by its name. ● String! non-null scalar

MoveModule.structs ● MoveStructConnection object

Iterate through the structs defined in this module.

MoveModule.structs.first ● Int scalar
MoveModule.structs.after ● String scalar
MoveModule.structs.last ● Int scalar
MoveModule.structs.before ● String scalar

MoveModule.function ● MoveFunction object

Look-up the signature of a function defined in this module, by its name. ● String! non-null scalar

MoveModule.functions ● MoveFunctionConnection object

Iterate through the signatures of functions defined in this module.

MoveModule.functions.first ● Int scalar
MoveModule.functions.after ● String scalar
MoveModule.functions.last ● Int scalar
MoveModule.functions.before ● String scalar

MoveModule.bytes ● Base64 scalar

The Base64 encoded bcs serialization of the module.

MoveModule.disassembly ● String scalar

Textual representation of the module's bytecode.

Member Of

Event object ● MoveFunction object ● MoveModuleConnection object ● MoveModuleEdge object ● MovePackage object ● MoveStruct object