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The credentials related fields associated with a validator.

type ValidatorCredentials {
protocolPubKey: Base64
networkPubKey: Base64
workerPubKey: Base64
proofOfPossession: Base64
netAddress: String
p2PAddress: String
primaryAddress: String
workerAddress: String


ValidatorCredentials.protocolPubKey ● Base64 scalar

ValidatorCredentials.networkPubKey ● Base64 scalar

ValidatorCredentials.workerPubKey ● Base64 scalar

ValidatorCredentials.proofOfPossession ● Base64 scalar

ValidatorCredentials.netAddress ● String scalar

ValidatorCredentials.p2PAddress ● String scalar

ValidatorCredentials.primaryAddress ● String scalar

ValidatorCredentials.workerAddress ● String scalar

Member Of

Validator object