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Parameters that control the distribution of the stake subsidy.

type StakeSubsidy {
balance: BigInt
distributionCounter: Int
currentDistributionAmount: BigInt
periodLength: Int
decreaseRate: Int


StakeSubsidy.balance ● BigInt scalar

SUI set aside for stake subsidies -- reduces over time as stake subsidies are paid out over time.

StakeSubsidy.distributionCounter ● Int scalar

Number of times stake subsidies have been distributed subsidies are distributed with other staking rewards, at the end of the epoch.

StakeSubsidy.currentDistributionAmount ● BigInt scalar

Amount of stake subsidy deducted from the balance per distribution -- decays over time.

StakeSubsidy.periodLength ● Int scalar

Maximum number of stake subsidy distributions that occur with the same distribution amount (before the amount is reduced).

StakeSubsidy.decreaseRate ● Int scalar

Percentage of the current distribution amount to deduct at the end of the current subsidy period, expressed in basis points.

Member Of

Epoch object