Connect to a Sui Network

The pages in this section provide various options for communicating with Sui:

  • Use the Sui JSON-RPC API to interact with a Sui network.
  • Use the Sui CLI client.
  • Interact with the Sui network via the Sui Rust SDK, a collection of Rust language JSON-RPC wrapper and crypto utilities.
  • Sign transactions and interact with the Sui network using the Sui TypeScript SDK built on the Sui JSON RPC API.
  • Run a Sui Full node yourself to store the full Sui blockchain state and history.
  • Filter and subscribe to a real-time event stream on your Sui Full node using the WebSocket API.
  • Find SDKs for other languages provided by the community in the awesome-move overview.

See the Sui Reference Documentation for information on the Sui API and SuiJSON format.

Last update 3/14/2023, 9:31:55 PM