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Getting Started

Sui is the first internet-scale programmable blockchain platform. That might read like marketing speak, but as you peruse the documentation to understand the technology, you will discover that Sui addresses many of the problems that hold blockchains back from mass adoption.

Before you can get started developing on Sui, you need to understand the code repository and install its binaries.

Install Sui

Use one of the following commands for Homebrew (MacOS, Linux, or Windows Subsystem for Linux) or Chocolatey (Windows) to install Sui.

brew install sui

You can also install Sui from binaries or from source, as detailed in the Install Sui page.

Go to Install Sui.

After installing Sui

After you have Sui installed on your system, you can begin to connect with a network and publish smart contracts.

GraphQL queries

Use the GraphQL service for Sui RPC to interact with on-chain data.

Go to Query Sui RPC with GraphQL.

Move IDEs and plugins

The following table lists proven choices for IDEs with Move extensions. These IDEs and plugins are not required, but they provide a better experience for developing on Sui.

IDEMove pluginDescription
Visual Studio CodeMove extension
Move syntax
The recommended free IDE for Move development from Microsoft.
IntelliJ IDEAMove Language PluginA commercial IDE from JetBrains.
Emacsmove-modeA free and open source text editor.
Github CodespacesMove SyntaxA web-based IDE from GitHub.

Some plugins might not yet provide highlighting support for Move 2024.

After installing Sui and setting up your development environment, use the information in the following sections to continue your development journey.

  • App Examples: A mix of end-to-end examples that you can draw inspiration from in your own projects.
  • Sui 101: Topics that you should know when just starting out to develop on Sui.
  • Advanced Topics: Topics that you might not find beneficial until you start solving more complex problems.
  • Cryptography: Leverage cryptography functions to provide security for your smart contract actions.