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Getting Started

Sui is the first internet-scale programmable blockchain platform. That might read like marketing speak, but as you peruse the documentation to understand the technology, you will discover that Sui addresses many of the problems that hold blockchains back from mass adoption.

Before you can get started developing on Sui, you need to understand the code repository and install its binaries. Consequently, the first two topics you need are:

After installing Sui

After you have Sui installed on your system, you can begin developing. You can learn about base aspects of the system in Sui 101, or jump straight into writing and publishing a package with the instruction in Your First dApp. There is also a growing set of code examples you can draw from, written by Sui and Move experts.


Move is the programming language that powers smart contracts on Sui. Move is highly adaptable, with several blockchains using the language. Sui adapts the language to meet the unique needs of the Sui blockchain, so although you might be familiar with Move on other blockchains, there are features unique to its use on Sui. For more information on how the language operates on Sui versus its original use case, see Move in the Concepts section.