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Get SUI Tokens

Sui faucet is a helpful tool where Sui developers can get free test SUI tokens to deploy and interact with their programs on Sui's Devnet and Testnet networks. There is no faucet for Sui Mainnet.


To request tokens from the faucet, you must own a wallet address that can receive the SUI tokens. See the Get Sui Address topic if you don't already have an address or need to create a new one.

Request test tokens via the CLI

If you are using the Devnet or Testnet networks, or you spun up a local network, you can use the Sui CLI to request tokens for your address. The sui client faucet uses the active network and active address that is currently set in the Sui CLI by default, but you can specify custom data through the following two arguments:

  • --address argument to provide a specific address (or its alias),
  • --url argument to provide a custom faucet endpoint.

Request test tokens through Discord

  1. Join Discord. If you try to join the Sui Discord channel using a newly created Discord account, you may need to wait a few days for validation.
  2. Request test SUI tokens in the Sui #devnet-faucet or #testnet-faucet Discord channels. Send the following message to the channel with your client address: !faucet <Your client address>

Request test tokens through wallet

You can request test tokens within Sui Wallet.

Request test tokens through cURL

Use the following cURL command to request tokens directly from the faucet server:

curl --location --request POST '' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data-raw '{
"FixedAmountRequest": {
"recipient": "<YOUR SUI ADDRESS>"

If you're working with a local network, replace '' with the appropriate value based on which package runs your network:

  • sui-faucet:
  • sui:

Request test tokens through TypeScript SDK

You can also access the faucet using the Sui TypeScript-SDK.

import { getFaucetHost, requestSuiFromFaucetV0 } from '@mysten/sui/faucet';

// get tokens from the Devnet faucet server
await requestSuiFromFaucetV0({
// connect to Devnet
host: getFaucetHost('devnet'),
recipient: '<YOUR SUI ADDRESS>',

Test tokens on a local network

If you are running a local Sui network, you can get tokens from your local faucet. See the Connect to a Local Network topic for details.