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Developer Guides

The developer guides are meant to introduce you to the Move programming language and its implementation on the Sui network through examples, tasks, and conceptual content.

Get started

If you are completely new to Move, you should start with the aptly named Getting Started section. Topics in that section introduce you to the Sui monorepo, guide you through installing Sui binaries, and introduce you to some key core concepts of blockchain technology, particularly how they relate to Sui.

Go to Getting Started.

Your first dApp

If you prefer to jump right in to coding (after installing Sui, of course), then the Your First dApp is the place for you. These topics show you how to work with Move packages and get them published on-chain.

Go to Your First Sui dApp.

Sui 101

The Sui 101 section introduces the basics of Sui that help you create smart contracts. These topics assume you are familiar with Move and the Sui blockchain.

Go to Sui 101.


The Cryptography section demonstrates how to secure your smart contracts with cryptography to ensure authentication for access to sensitive data.

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Advanced Topics

The Advanced Topics section includes guides for advanced solutions rather than advanced users (like migrating to GraphQL or asset tokenization). These topics assume you are familiar with Move and the Sui blockchain.

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App Examples

The App Examples section is for anyone who learns best from reverse engineering code written by Sui and Move experts. These examples demonstrate concepts and tasks documented throughout this site and typically include detailed explanations through code comments and specific documentation. Check back often as the available examples continue to grow.

Go to App Examples.

Sui developer cheat sheet

The cheat sheet collects notes from Sui and Move developers into a single location. This document surfaces important information that might get lost in the quantity of content available. Use this often-updated page to see around corners when starting a Move project or to refresh your memory on important concepts to be mindful of.

Go to Sui Developer Cheat Sheet.


If you're familiar with both Move and Sui and just need some reference material to refresh your memory on that function you haven't used in a while, then the References section of the documentation should surface the information you need.

Go to References.