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Sui 101

In many education systems, 101-level classes are those that teach core competencies to build a foundation for the more advanced topics that are to come. The topics in this section provide the same experience for the Sui blockchain. They examine the core Sui development concepts that you use to build apps on Sui. As you start developing more advanced solutions, knowledge of these topics provides a good base for understanding the more advanced concepts you will employ.

Creating coins and NFTs on Sui

Everything on the Sui blockchain is an object. These topics use code examples to demonstrate how to create these specific types of objects.

Building programmable transaction blocks

You can create programmable transaction blocks (PTBs) on Sui to perform multiple commands in a single transaction. The Building Programmable Transaction Blocks topic demonstrates how to build a PTB using the Sui TypeScript SDK.

Using events

You can emit events from your published packages on the Sui network. Using Events demonstrates how to emit events from your on-chain packages and monitor the activity of other objects emitting events.

Shared versus Owned Objects

Objects on Sui, unlike other blockchains, can be owned as well as shared. You can create transactions that leverage either type or both. Shared versus Owned Objects examines the differences and what considerations you should account for when deciding how to structure your on-chain app.

Access On-Chain Time

Sui provides a Clock module you can use to get network-based time. Access On-Chain Time examines the Clock module and the behavior of the available methods that affect transaction processing speed and the temporal exactness of the data you receive.