Building Sui

Now that you've learned about Sui, it's time to start building.


Here is our recommended workflow to interact with Sui:

  1. Install all of the required tools .
  2. Interact with the Sui network:
    • Simply connect to the Sui Devnet network to begin working with Sui immediately.
    • Optionally, create and start a local Sui network to contribute to the blockchain.
  3. Create smart contracts with Move:
    1. Write a package.
    2. Build and test a package.
    3. Debug and publish a package.
  4. Program objects in Sui:
    1. Learn object basics.
    2. Pass Move objects as arguments, mutating objects, deleting objects.
    3. Freeze an object, using immutable objects.
    4. Wrap objects in another object.
    5. Enable objects to own other objects.
  5. Talk with Sui using our API and SDKs:
    • Use the Sui RPC Server and JSON-RPC API to interact with a local Sui network.
    • Make Rust SDK calls to Sui from your app.
    • Make TypeScript/JavaScript calls to Sui from your apps.
    • Run a Sui Fullnode and subscribe to events.
  6. Reference the format for our API and SuiJSON:
    • Follow the Sui API Reference.
    • Employ SuiJSON format to align JSON inputs more closely with Move call arguments.

Find answers to common questions about our roadmap and more in our FAQ.

Last update 8/30/2022, 5:26:32 PM