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Examples of Sui Smart Contracts

Find sample Sui smart contract implementations in the sui_programmability/examples directory. Here is a rundown of existing examples.


In the Basics example, explore object creation, update, and exchange.


In the DeFi example, find an atomic swap leveraging an escrow agent that is trusted for liveness, but not safety.

Fungible Tokens

In the Fungible Tokens example, see a token managed by a treasurer trusted for minting and burning for how (e.g.) a fiat-backed stablecoin would work.


In the Games example, try out and modify toy games built on top of Sui! These include classic Tic Tac Toe, rock paper scissors, and various versions of an adventure game (Hero).


In the NFTs example, browse non-fungible tokens of various types and see NFTs representing assets in a game.

Last update 3/17/2022, 12:49:35 AM