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Verify a zkLogin signature based on the provided transaction or personal message based on current epoch, chain id, and latest JWKs fetched on-chain. If the signature is valid, the function returns a ZkLoginVerifyResult with success as true and an empty list of errors. If the signature is invalid, the function returns a ZkLoginVerifyResult with success as false with a list of errors.

  • bytes is either the personal message in raw bytes or transaction data bytes in BCS-encoded and then Base64-encoded.
  • signature is a serialized zkLogin signature that is Base64-encoded.
  • intentScope is an enum that specifies the intent scope to be used to parse bytes.
  • author is the address of the signer of the transaction or personal msg.
bytes: Base64!
signature: Base64!
intentScope: ZkLoginIntentScope!
author: SuiAddress!
): ZkLoginVerifyResult!


verifyZkloginSignature.bytes ● Base64! non-null scalar

verifyZkloginSignature.signature ● Base64! non-null scalar

verifyZkloginSignature.intentScope ● ZkLoginIntentScope! non-null enum ● SuiAddress! non-null scalar


ZkLoginVerifyResult object

The result of the zkLogin signature verification.