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Simulate running a transaction to inspect its effects without committing to them on-chain.

txBytes either a TransactionData struct or a TransactionKind struct, BCS-encoded and then Base64-encoded. The expected type is controlled by the presence or absence of txMeta: If present, txBytes is assumed to be a TransactionKind, if absent, then TransactionData.

txMeta the data that is missing from a TransactionKind to make a TransactionData (sender address and gas information). All its fields are nullable.

skipChecks optional flag to disable the usual verification checks that prevent access to objects that are owned by addresses other than the sender, and calling non-public, non-entry functions, and some other checks. Defaults to false.

txBytes: String!
txMeta: TransactionMetadata
skipChecks: Boolean
): DryRunResult!


dryRunTransactionBlock.txBytes ● String! non-null scalar

dryRunTransactionBlock.txMeta ● TransactionMetadata input

dryRunTransactionBlock.skipChecks ● Boolean scalar


DryRunResult object