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The optional extra data a user can provide to a transaction dry run. sender defaults to 0x0. If gasObjectsis not present, or is an empty list, it is substituted with a mock Coin object,gasPricedefaults to the reference gas price,gasBudgetdefaults to the max gas budget andgasSponsor` defaults to the sender.

input TransactionMetadata {
sender: SuiAddress
gasPrice: Int
gasObjects: [ObjectRef!]
gasBudget: Int
gasSponsor: SuiAddress


TransactionMetadata.sender ● SuiAddress scalar

TransactionMetadata.gasPrice ● Int scalar

TransactionMetadata.gasObjects ● [ObjectRef!] list input

TransactionMetadata.gasBudget ● Int scalar

TransactionMetadata.gasSponsor ● SuiAddress scalar

Member Of

dryRunTransactionBlock query