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Constrains the set of objects returned. All filters are optional, and the resulting set of objects are ones whose

  • Type matches the type filter,
  • AND, whose owner matches the owner filter,
  • AND, whose ID is in objectIds OR whose ID and version is in objectKeys.
input ObjectFilter {
type: String
owner: SuiAddress
objectIds: [SuiAddress!]
objectKeys: [ObjectKey!]


ObjectFilter.type ● String scalar

This field is used to specify the type of objects that should be included in the query results.

Objects can be filtered by their type's package, package::module, or their fully qualified type name.

Generic types can be queried by either the generic type name, e.g. 0x2::coin::Coin, or by the full type name, such as 0x2::coin::Coin<0x2::sui::SUI>.

ObjectFilter.owner ● SuiAddress scalar

Filter for live objects by their current owners.

ObjectFilter.objectIds ● [SuiAddress!] list scalar

Filter for live objects by their IDs.

ObjectFilter.objectKeys ● [ObjectKey!] list input

Filter for live or potentially historical objects by their ID and version.

Member Of

objects query