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input EventFilter {
sender: SuiAddress
transactionDigest: String
emittingModule: String
eventType: String


EventFilter.sender ● SuiAddress scalar

EventFilter.transactionDigest ● String scalar

EventFilter.emittingModule ● String scalar

Events emitted by a particular module. An event is emitted by a particular module if some function in the module is called by a PTB and emits an event.

Modules can be filtered by their package, or package::module.

EventFilter.eventType ● String scalar

This field is used to specify the type of event emitted.

Events can be filtered by their type's package, package::module, or their fully qualified type name.

Generic types can be queried by either the generic type name, e.g. 0x2::coin::Coin, or by the full type name, such as 0x2::coin::Coin<0x2::sui::SUI>.

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