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Interface implemented by GraphQL types representing entities that can own objects. Object owners are identified by an address which can represent either the public key of an account or another object. The same address can only refer to an account or an object, never both, but it is not possible to know which up-front.

interface IOwner {
address: SuiAddress!
first: Int
after: String
last: Int
before: String
filter: ObjectFilter
): MoveObjectConnection!
type: String
): Balance
first: Int
after: String
last: Int
before: String
): BalanceConnection!
first: Int
after: String
last: Int
before: String
type: String
): CoinConnection!
first: Int
after: String
last: Int
before: String
): StakedSuiConnection!
format: DomainFormat
): String
first: Int
after: String
last: Int
before: String
): SuinsRegistrationConnection!


IOwner.address ● SuiAddress! non-null scalar

IOwner.objects ● MoveObjectConnection! non-null object

Objects owned by this object or address, optionally filter-ed.

IOwner.objects.first ● Int scalar
IOwner.objects.after ● String scalar
IOwner.objects.last ● Int scalar
IOwner.objects.before ● String scalar
IOwner.objects.filter ● ObjectFilter input

IOwner.balance ● Balance object

Total balance of all coins with marker type owned by this object or address. If type is not supplied, it defaults to 0x2::sui::SUI.

IOwner.balance.type ● String scalar

IOwner.balances ● BalanceConnection! non-null object

The balances of all coin types owned by this object or address.

IOwner.balances.first ● Int scalar
IOwner.balances.after ● String scalar
IOwner.balances.last ● Int scalar
IOwner.balances.before ● String scalar

IOwner.coins ● CoinConnection! non-null object

The coin objects for this object or address.

type is a filter on the coin's type parameter, defaulting to 0x2::sui::SUI.

IOwner.coins.first ● Int scalar
IOwner.coins.after ● String scalar
IOwner.coins.last ● Int scalar
IOwner.coins.before ● String scalar
IOwner.coins.type ● String scalar

IOwner.stakedSuis ● StakedSuiConnection! non-null object

The 0x3::staking_pool::StakedSui objects owned by this object or address.

IOwner.stakedSuis.first ● Int scalar
IOwner.stakedSuis.after ● String scalar
IOwner.stakedSuis.last ● Int scalar
IOwner.stakedSuis.before ● String scalar

IOwner.defaultSuinsName ● String scalar

The domain explicitly configured as the default domain pointing to this object or address.

IOwner.defaultSuinsName.format ● DomainFormat enum

IOwner.suinsRegistrations ● SuinsRegistrationConnection! non-null object

The SuinsRegistration NFTs owned by this object or address. These grant the owner the capability to manage the associated domain.

IOwner.suinsRegistrations.first ● Int scalar
IOwner.suinsRegistrations.after ● String scalar
IOwner.suinsRegistrations.last ● Int scalar
IOwner.suinsRegistrations.before ● String scalar

Implemented By

Address object ● Coin object ● CoinMetadata object ● MoveObject object ● MovePackage object ● Object object ● Owner object ● StakedSui object ● SuinsRegistration object