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Create a Coin

Publishing a coin on Sui is nearly as straightforward as publishing a new type. The main difference is the requirement of a one-time witness when creating a coin.

module examples::mycoin {
use std::option;
use sui::coin;
use sui::transfer;
use sui::tx_context::{Self, TxContext};

/// The type identifier of coin. The coin will have a type
/// tag of kind: `Coin<package_object::mycoin::MYCOIN>`
/// Make sure that the name of the type matches the module's name.
struct MYCOIN has drop {}

/// Module initializer is called once on module publish. A treasury
/// cap is sent to the publisher, who then controls minting and burning
fun init(witness: MYCOIN, ctx: &mut TxContext) {
let (treasury, metadata) = coin::create_currency(witness, 6, b"MYCOIN", b"", b"", option::none(), ctx);
transfer::public_transfer(treasury, tx_context::sender(ctx))

The Coin<T> is a generic implementation of a coin on Sui. The owner of the TreasuryCap gets control over the minting and burning of coins. Further transactions can be sent directly to the sui::coin::Coin with TreasuryCap object as authorization.